Coaches By The Numbers (CBTN) Football Platform

CBTN is a football analytics platform for Coaches, Agents, NFL Teams, Athletic Directors, and Conferences. It is a collection of over 30 different tools and microplatforms that have been built specifically to analyze the game of football at the highest and lowest levels.

Platform Package Offerings

CBTN has a variety of different package offerings tailored to the different types of clients we support.

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Tools and Platform Features

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400+ Coach, Team, Player, and Conference Rankings spanning hundreds of statistical categories.

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Detailed Team, Player, and Coach Profiles show every positive and negative aspect of performance.

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Comparison Tools

Compare any coach, coordinator, or team against one another in 100+ unique statistical categories.

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Decision Strategy Tools

Understand the win probability impact of critical in-game decisions and the history of past decisions.

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TeamStrat™ Reports

40+ Team strategy reports designed by coaches, for coaches, to help self and opponent scouting.

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Winning Formula Tools

Use any combination of 400+ statistical benchmarks to find out how any team/coach wins or loses.

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Referee Profiling

Understand the penalty tendencies of each referee, team, and coach to better prepare your team.

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Recruiting Analytics

Comprehensive recruiting data is analyzed to help guide recruiting strategy and hot spots.

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Reporting Dashboards

Our easy-to-customize reporting engine makes completely replacing XOS/DVSport reports very easy. 

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Team Goal Dashboards

Track coach-defined yearly and weekly team goals. Establish the keys to success for your team.

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On-field Player Analytics

Gap alignment, technique, strong or weak, field/boundary, we have you covered analyzing players.

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Coach Hiring Analytics

With 20+ years of hiring data, we show you all of the analytical trends of hiring successes and failures.

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SalaryCast™ projects performance-based salary estimates for head coaches and coordinators.

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Predictive Analytics

Quickly understand play tendencies and patterns that lead to success with our predictive analytics. 

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Scouting Reports

Efficient and concise scouting reports show the true DNA of a team and their performance.

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WinPact™ Analysis

Understand the winning percentage impact (WinPact™) of every player for every play in every game. 

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Platform Update - 9/13/2020

Introducing the QB Profiler™

Quarterback is by far the most important position on the field. Analytically, we built the QB Profiler™ to analyze QB performance through unparalleled set of dimensions. For both NFL and FBS College Football Quarterbacks, coaches and analysts can fundamentally understand every strength and weakness of a quarterback whether doing draft preparation, game preparation, or just in-season self-scouting. The QB Profiler™ is the best quarterback evaluation tool on the market.

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Platform Update - 1/15/2021

Introducing the Portal Player Analytics Tool

Roster management is evolving. The Transfer Portal is now a critical component to building rosters for success. SportSource has partnered with Tracking Football to create a smarter way to navigate and manage the thousands of players available across the FBS, FCS, DII, and DIII landscape. Our new tool allows you to explore both game production and critical athleticism data on all players in the NCAA Transfer Portal, eliminating hundreds of hours of player evaluation research.

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Platform Update - 12/14/2021

Portal Player Analytics Tool now supports Ryzer Mindset insights. 

The power in our Portal Player Analytics Tool is that it provides the deepest information available on players in the transfer portal. Production, performance, background, and athleticism data all in one solution. Our vision was to not stop there. We have partnered with Ryzer to provide best-in-class athletic mindset testing scores alongside all of the other information we have on players in the transfer portal. Ryzer’s proprietary assessment, the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP), has a long track record of success in aiding player selection with leading NFL teams. The combination of industry-leading performance, athleticism, and mindset data in one platform will provide personnel decision-makers a complete solution to the three critical areas of player evaluation.

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Platform Update - 2/11/2022

CBTN integrating PFF data for advanced scouting reports.

For 2022, we are working with ProFootballFocus to help deliver a next generation of advanced scouting reports and tools. So many of our clients have access to PFF’s great data set, but so few are able to truly leverage the information to extract valuable tendencies and trends of both their teams and their opponents. For all PFF Ultimate customers, we are going to be extending the capabilities of their data and providing coaches with the valuable information they need to create an effective game plan week-to-week. 

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How is CBTN used today?

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For Athletic Directors...

Always monitor the coach market.

Athletic Directors use our platform to evaluate their current coach as well as keeping tabs on other coaches in the world of college football. Using CBTN, they can manage a candidate list and always be ready in case of a coaching change. Our platform has been used in 45+ coaching searches since 2012. There is no other platform that allows you to compare and evaluate coaches like the Coaches By The Numbers platform.

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For Coaches...

Analytics that provide a strategic edge.

The bulk of the analytical tools in CBTN were designed specifically to meet a coach’s need in strategic gameplanning or opponent/self scouting. We focus on what matters and deliver it in easy-to-understand reporting formats. All of our tools are highly configurable to find trends and tendencies that will give your team the edge on game day.  

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For NFL Teams...

Tools to better assess NFL potential...

NFL Teams have a wealth of data but a shortage of context and information to evaluate the potential of existing college players transitioning to the NFL. The CBTN platform has detailed player profiles that break down players efficiently, and at a level of detail that is unmatched in the industry. Using these tools, NFL teams can quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of college football players. Going even further, we have the exact same profiles for existing NFL players to have context and a performance analysis process that spans both major levels of football, which is critical for roster management. CBTN also has groundbreaking predictive technology based on machine learning models that leverage production and athleticism data to help project/predict which players will be drafted. 

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For Conferences...

Position teams for success.

Conferences use our platform to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teams and gain insight on how they stack up in their conference and across all of college football. The CBTN Platform also provides valuable tools to aid in scheduling, assessing on-field officials, and evaluating the potential of teams competing for College Football Playoff births.

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