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Since 2012, SportSource Analytics has been involved in over 60 FBS Head Coach and Coordinator searches. This is more than any search firm or consultant group across all sports. We offer both football and basketball coaching services. 

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Why choose SportSource Analytics?

One of the hardest and most important decisions any athletic director makes in their career is who is going to be their next head football coach. This single decision can have a lasting impact in a positive or negative fashion on a program and very often has multi-million dollar ramifications. Our goal at SportSource Analytics is to make sure that you can make this decision with the most accurate, up-to-date, and customizable data possible. The only way we know to become experts in a field is to spend an inordinate amount of time studying your craft. Our craft is college football coaches and teams.

Over the last fifteen years, our intensive study of college football coaches and teams has led us to being the official analytic consultant for the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, the official data platform for the Doak Walker Award, the trusted data source for such sports agencies as Balch Sports, CAA, and Harlan Sports, and the analytic consultant and data provider to 80+ FBS coaches and teams around the country.

In the last tens years alone, over 60 FBS schools used our Coaches By The Numbers platform to deeply study head coaches and coordinators around the country to find the best fit for their programs. How do we do it? We have a unique and proprietary Coach Hiring Analytics Tools that allows end users to study the last 15+ years of FBS coaching hires and answer such questions as: 'Do offensive coordinator hires have more success than defensive coordinators?' and 'Do ties to the school really matter?' As Mack Rhoades noted, when it comes to making one of the most important decisions you will ever make as an athletic director, we do not believe you should do so without all of the available information and expertise available to you. We have the information and can provide the expertise as well.

Below is a set of the detailed packages that we offer.

Package 1:  Platform Access

Access to SportSource's Coaches By The Numbers Platform throughout the coach search process. This would give you access to detailed coach profiles, coach dossiers, coach rankings, coach comparison tools, and our proprietary Coach Hiring Analytics Tool.

Package 2:  Platform Access + SportSource Coach Analytics Evaluations (CAEs)

Platform Access Package + SportSource's proprietary Coach Analysis Evaluations (CAE). This would include the detailed access as described above plus SportSource's CAEs. SportSource will provided its proprietary CAEs on any coaches being considered to be the next head coach. These CAEs will provide detailed statistical analysis of any coaches being vetted as part of the search process and will also provide athletic directors with a Risk Profile Rating for each coach.



"Many factors are in play when searching for the next head football coach for your program and SportSource Analytics was able to help us make the best possible decision by having the best information available quickly to assist in analyzing college football coaches. Their data and analysis was able to play a very valuable role in our search process.” 
-- Rob Mullens, Oregon Athletic Director


"We are appreciative of SportSource Analytics and the data they provided our team in making the best possible decision for the University of Houston and our football program. When making a decision of this importance, it is beneficial to utilize as much information as attainable. The customer service and support provided by SportSource Analytics throughout the search process surpassed our highest expectations." 
-- Mack Rhoades, VP for Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Houston (currently Baylor AD)


"In the process of hiring a head football coach, we wanted to be as thorough as possible when it came to our due diligence. SportSource Analytics was a great resource during the process that allowed us to have data driven information to guide our review of candidates. Their data and analysis helped us make informed decisions that yielded a fantastic hire for the University of Miami."
-- Blake James, Miami Athletic Director

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"SportSource provided a fantastic service to myself and the committee as the season progressed. Understanding the amount of available data is enormous, the custom analytics provided by SportSource were a valuable piece of our evaluation process." 
-- Dan Radokovich, Clemson Athletic Director