Football Data Services


Official data set of the College Football Playoff and is used by all major FBS Conferences.

Cost Effective

Saves thousands of dollars and valuable time aggregating data and scraping.


Daily updates every morning by 7am EST during the season. Commercial-grade dependability for your business.



Our data set covers every play of every single game of every FBS + FCS Team.


Our CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format can easily by imported into any spreadsheet or database in seconds.


Our data set is used by over 200 organizations and media outlets. 

Basic Package

  • Every FBS Team

  • Complete Rosters + Schedules

  • Team and Player Game Statistics

  • Detailed Drive/Possession Data

Only $299 if you order by August 1st

Advanced Package

  • Basic Package +

  • Detailed Play-By-Play Data

  • Player Participation Data (optional)

  • Game Line/Wagering Data (optional)

Commerical and Personal Licenses Available
FCS Packages Available for 2021+

Complete Package

  • Advanced Package +

  • All Data from 2005 - Present

  • Custom Data Transformations

  • File Uploading/Delivery Support

Commercial and Personal Licenses Available
FCS Packages Availabe for 2021+

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New for 2023: The CFB PowerSheet

Raw Data + Excel in one package.

We are introducing a new feature for Advanced Package+ subscribers. Each data package will come with an SSA-powered Excel Spreadsheet we are calling, the PowerSheet. It is a blend of over 60 pivot tables and breakdowns that allows subscribers to easily manipulate and work directly with the data without the overhead of having to use a database or learn a new computer programming language like R or Python. It comes free with every yearly Advanced Package download. It is forward and backwards compatible with data from previous years. Contact us today to find out more.  

Click to Download a Sample

Data Package Details

Below are the detailed contents for each data package. The packages are available for historical years going back to 2005. Data files are updated daily during season (by 7am EST). Each package download is a comprehensive year-to-date data set. Custom data sets are available. Contact us for more details. 

Sample Basic Package

Click above to download a sample of the Basic Package. 

 Player Rosters
 Team Schedules
 Player Statistics
 Team Data
 Game Data
 Offensive Data
 Defensive Data
 Special Teams Data
 Play By Play Data

Sample Advanced Package

Click above to download a sample of the Advanced Package. 

 Player Rosters
 Team Schedules
 Player Statistics
 Team Data
 Game Data
 Offensive Data
 Defensive Data
 Special Teams Data
 Play By Play Data
 Wagering Data (optional)
 Player Participation Data (optional)