Basketball Data Services


Covering every aspect of the game, basketball has never been easier to analyze.

Cost Effective

Save thousands of dollars and valuable
analysis time by avoiding needless aggregating and scraping of data.


Daily updates. Commercial-grade dependability for your business.



Our data set covers every play of every single game of every Division I Team.


Our CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format can easily by imported into any spreadsheet or database in seconds.


Our data sets are used by over 200 organizations and media outlets. 

2023-2024 Season
Data Package

  • Every Division I Basketball Team

  • Complete Rosters + Schedules

  • Team and Player Game Statistics

  • Game Flow + Event Data

  • Game Line + Wagering Data

**Commercial Licenses Available. Email for pricing.

Sample Basic Package

Click above to download a sample of the Basic Package.